Carly & Simon | Highlights at Great Fosters

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Hi there Vimeo peeps.

As always, here is a little technical write up on what techniques went into this little production.

We've been experimenting for a while with a new method for reducing the background music during voice overs. Ever noticed how Hollywood movies seem to have the music there but not there? Its more than a simple case of reducing the volume. In this one you will notice when the voice over kicks in the music doesnt seem to get much quieter, but its no longer as present as before. We achieved this by applying a graphic EQ in Vegas and reducing all frequencies above 200Hz. Just a sudden drop and then flattened them out. We also reduced the bass tones to stop them from taking over.

For the visuals we applied a custom grade where we limited the luma to around 80% or so and then shifted the lows into the blue using the 3way. This brought out the blue in Simon's suite but also gave a subtle change to the way the piece feels.
We then applied noise to the whole track to give it a more organic and less digital look. We have experimented with using film grain and add noise and found that to be more natural.

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